Insurance & Homebirth

Those two words strike fear in the heart of any woman looking to have her child in the comfort of her own home. Why? Because insurance companies want to make it as difficult as possible for us to CHOOSE our method of delivery. Tricare wants me to have our child in a hospital. How do I know this? They will cover said birth ONE HUNDRED PERCENT while my homebirth is covered at a measly 45% or $1800 dollars to be exact. Wow! Thanks Tricare! You suck.

To make matters “worse” financially, my midwife balance bills which means she bills us the difference between what she charges ($4,000) and what our insurance company pays ($1,800). I have to say $4,000 is still a very fair price for all my prenatal care, birth, baby care and post-natal visit. She’s got to make a living too. So currently we’re on an installment plan and will have the whole thing paid for by December. I’ll be able to use Flex spending dollars, a benefit from my new job, so at least the funds are pre-tax.

I’m curious if anyone has had trouble with Tricare billing after the fact. The way my midwife works is she bills one CPT code for all the prenatal care and delivery which means they won’t actually be billed until after the baby is born. Just wondering if they say one thing and then do another… not that the government is known for that or anything. 😉

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  1. I don’t know how they are on the medical side, but billing Tricare through the pharmacy could be a real bear sometimes. Sorry, maybe they have gotten better in the last year.

  2. Ryan says:

    You forgot to mention the exorbitant amount they pay for a hospital birth vs the measley $1800 they’ll pay towards a home birth.

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