Preggo – Week 9

Momma came to visit over the weekend and with her arrival most of my nausea left! I still have a few bouts during the day but only for a few hours as opposed to ALL day without rest. So thankful for that! Currently my pants don’t fit. Even my “fat” pants I saved from when I lost a bunch of weight. Ordered some things from Old Navy with a 30% off coupon from my girl Kathleen so hopefully next week’s dressing for work won’t be so damn depressing. I’m sitting here in pants like SO uncomfortable you wouldn’t even believe it. Counting the minutes until I can done stretchy pants once again.

Back to Momma’s visit…

She arrived Sunday morning. We went shopping for the weekend’s meals, had some lunch at the fancy new grocery store in town, took a nap (me) and went to the pool. Monday we went to Lake Geneva and had a lovely time walking around the breezy lakefront and exploring the little town. Here are some picture from our visit.

Navy base shots per Mom’s request. (Sorry it’s blurry, it was the only decent one of me smiling)

Other than me not fitting in my pants and probably having gained like 10 lbs, I’m feeling better. I still wake up pretty early no matter what time I go to sleep so I’m trying to get to bed and ensure I’m getting 9 hours. Seems to be the most appropriate amount for me to feel my best. I’m not drinking caffeine so my tank has GOT to be full!

This weekend we’re planning on going back to Lake Geneva for some swimming and probably hitting up the pool again. 2nd midwife appt is on Saturday as well and I’m hoping we can hear a heartbeat. I’ll try to remember to post my stats (weight & measurement) after every visit but I might forget.

Here’s week 9 Baby Bump! One I took at night and the next morning so you can see it’s sort of bloat but mostly baby and I can’t hide it anymore. πŸ™‚

Baby Bump at Night

Baby Bump in AM

Days: up at 7:30 (used to be 7 but now I can’t seem to rouse), walk the boys ~20 minutes, breakfast, head to work at 9. Home for lunch & snuggle time with the boys. Done with work at 5, sometimes I leave earlier. πŸ˜‰

Nights: bed by 9:30/10pm latest, try for 9 hours sleep, pee 3 times on average

Exercise: I’m ashamed to say little to none. I’ve been so nauseated and hot I just couldn’t muster the energy. However now that I know there is a gym directly below my office, I vow to walk or bike or elliptical for 30 minutes before going home in the evening.

Regular food cravings: Italian (specifically the tomato sauce), Mexican & Vietnamese food. Peach iced tea & caramel pecan sundaes. Big salads & Momma’s cooking.

Weirdest craving: Pickled daikon

Aversions: depends on the hour. Anything with gluten makes my stomach turn probably cause I know what it does to me.

Missing: summer margaritas & running

No baby movement yet!

Anything else you want to know? Ask away! You know I’mma over-share like crazy anyway.

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3 Responses to Preggo – Week 9

  1. Kendra says:


    You look AMAZING!!! Seriously, I can’t believe you are pregnant. You look so happy and healthy!

  2. Jess Voigt says:

    I love reading your updates!!! You both seem thrilled… πŸ™‚ I’m super excited for you! I’m learning from your experiences… I really hope I get to see you!

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