Results from 1st Sonogram

It’s the second week and I’m already slacking on the Baby Bump pictures but there’s pretty much nothing to see except at night when I get HUGE! However, I’ve been given a hard time by more than a few people already so I promise to post one tonight… or something. Oh, did I mention they changed my due date so I’m still like barely pregnant?? Yeah. They discovered last week that in fact I was only 6 weeks, not 8 as they thought based on my last cycle. I told them I wasn’t that far along but the midwife said that’s just how pregnancy is calculated. I guess I can blame my super sensitivity but I’m pretty sure I knew I was pregnant from the moment it happened. Just took awhile for science to catch up with us. Our new due date is 2/22/12. ❤

On the sonogram, they discovered a small hemorrhage and I need to take it easy as not to further complicate the situation. Apparently it’s not that common, but most women don’t even know they have it because they don’t get ultrasounds as early as I did. Funny thing is, Ryan & I didn’t want to get any ultrasounds but my midwife said it was important to determine age this time and to take measurements of the baby in the 5th month. We’re not going to find out the sex though. There are so few surprises in this life.

So anyway, back to my hemorrhage I’ve been strongly advised to stop running for the duration of my pregnancy. Boo hoo! If I continue to push things, the hemorrhage could result in a miscarriage or a placental abruption later in pregnancy, neither of which I want obviously. In the meantime, I’m getting a bike to keep me busy and exercising. I haven’t felt like doing much the past week but soon I’ll have more energy and less nausea and I’ll be ready to go.

They only saw one baby (or beginnings of a baby) and were barely able to get the heartbeat but my midwife and sonogram tech said it was so hard to get a picture and with the size of my uterus, two babies is still a possibility. We’ll know more as I move further along in the pregnancy and of course, week 20 ultrasound will tell us lots.

I started a new job on Friday at a university right across the street from our house. It’s a sweet gig, pays well, nice working environment, kind people, easy work. Couldn’t really ask for more as I try to squirrel away some money before Baby A comes along. I just hope they don’t get mad when I start to show and have to tell them I can’t stay past mid-February. How should I handle it? Tell them once it’s painfully obvious I’m with child or before? I want to keep my job so I need a few months to show them how indispensable I am. Unfortunately, I do have a ticking bomb in my belly and soon I won’t be able to hide it. Thoughts from my momma friends who have dealt with this before?

Becky’s Bands winners will be announced once I get home from work! 🙂

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One Response to Results from 1st Sonogram

  1. Kendra says:

    Or thoughts for your all knowing SIL (even though you didn’t ask for them). Wait a little while, month 4 or 5. That way you’ll have time under your belt and will just be starting to really show. 🙂

    Oh and umm you definitely said that you were posting a picture on Tuesday…so we’re WAITING Melissa!

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