ASPCA Poison Control (aka How to Avoid Killing Your Dog)

Either I am a magnet for calamity or our dogs are just downright trouble makers. I had a hydrangea blossom in the pocket of my apron and I guess during my cooking of dinner it fell out on the ground. Dogs found it, played with it and I noticed after they had already shredded it. I meant to look on the interweb to see if the plant was poisonous but I got busy eating delicious TVP Tacos and forgot. I’m a bad mom.

Two hours later, Jeffrey had puked up everything in his stomach including a hydrangea leaf or two. Of course anywhere I looked online told me that hydrangea were super toxic to dogs which started to worry me slightly. So I called the closest emergency vet. They gave me the number of this wonderful program the ASPCA has which is available 24 hours a day and runs on donations. It’s called ASPCA Animal Poison Control. I’ll wait while you check it out. Look closely at the Toxic & Non-Toxic  Plant List cause I found it to be especially helpful… after the fact.

I spent 20 minutes speaking with a lovely lady who informed me my dogs would not die a slow and painful death similar to that of cyanide poisoning and most likely they would just have an upset stomach.

If you ever have a problem with your dog eating something they shouldn’t (But really… who has these problems?? Not me!) You can call them at (888) 426-4435 and they’ll review the issue and consult with a vet then let you know what you should do. You can then donate if you’d like, they ask for $65 per case (cheaper than any late night vet visit) and any follow up calls are free under the same case. (I gave them $25 because once I told her we are a military family, it was all she would accept from us.) I have to say, this is a great resource and much better than the scary internet which can make you think your dog is going to spontaneously combust after getting a hold of something they shouldn’t. Keep their number on hand. Your pet will thank you.

And for those wondering, Charlie never threw up cause we’re convinced he has a stomach of steel but I did catch a glimpse of some leaves in his morning poo. 😉

They only look innocent. These plants KILL.

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3 Responses to ASPCA Poison Control (aka How to Avoid Killing Your Dog)

  1. Thank you for posting this information! So helpful and needed. I think we all have those moments when we are wondering if what the pup ate is going to harm them…they will always find a way to eat something they should not no matter how diligent we are. : )

  2. Krisha Gilstrap says:

    Ohmigosh. Thank you for being real. I had pretty much resolved that our pup would be dead come morning due to his curiosity (or lack of supervision) because of my dire need to purchase a new hydrangea and not checking the poison plant list ahead of time. Which I’ll agree is pretty helpful- now that I know we just can’t have any of my favorite plants in our new yard apparently.

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