This Little Piggy

As you probably read on my race post, I injured my toenail sometime during the morning. Thankfully I didn’t feel it during the race and was able to finish without any pain. In fact, it wasn’t until we got back to the hotel and I got my shoes off that I felt something was wrong. It must’ve been the shock to my feet or something and they most likely went numb, which I’m quite grateful for! It didn’t hurt too badly on Sunday because my whole body was in so much pain I didn’t really notice the toe pain. Monday the fog started to lift and I realized how much my toe actually hurt. I had pink sparkly polish on the nails so I took it off to see the damage. This is what it looked like on Monday:

Yes, it’s a blurry picture and obviously not the most flattering shot of my otherwise gorgeous feet but let’s all get over it. Sometimes when you run 15 miles in 100 degree weather your feet don’t look as nice as when you’ve just had a manicure. You can see the damage and how swollen it is on the bottom. It’s purple there on the right side and basically the whole thing is super uncomfortable.

Tuesday morning I scheduled an appt for Wednesday at 2pm and then since I’m crazy, I decided to go for a run. It’s important after a long race to taper back into working out and I guess I have a problem… I don’t know what else to say. I actually walked to the gym, biked 11 miles and ran home. It wasn’t until I got to my street that my foot started to really, REALLY hurt. I almost took off my shoe and walked home barefoot but I did not. My toe started throbbing around 3pm and didn’t stop until 24 hours later.

I went to a podiatrist which is located right across the street from our house. The doc took one look at my foot and said that I should’ve come in the day after because she wasn’t sure if she could salvage my nail. If I’d come sooner, they would’ve drilled a hole in the nail to drain it but it was too late and the blood would’ve already been clotted. She started poking around and noticed the my nail was lifted high off my toe which indicated I probably had a bone spur under the nail which was aggravated by running. She made a cut right under my nail and BAM! Relief. I’ll spare you the nasty details but basically I had a blister UNDER my toenail. What the heck?! That’s why it was lifted up and why it hurt so freakin’ bad. My nail will most likely be saved since there is still skin attached to the underside of the nail and I have to take off from running until the weekend or completely stops hurting.

Whew- dodged a bullet there. I would hate to have an ugly looking foot for summer. Ryan loves my feet and I think he would be more devastated than me, to be honest. 😉

In fact, he didn’t want me to post a picture of my ugly toe so here is one of my pretty feet, lest you think my digits are disgusting. I’ll be the first to tell you that I probably have better looking feet than you. Just sayin’…

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2 Responses to This Little Piggy

  1. Michelle says:

    So, despite this, I’m signing up for the rock n’ roll half marathon in AZ in January 🙂

    At least now I know to watch out for stuff like this!! I’m so glad you didn’t lose your nail. Good thinking, getting to the doctor quickly. 🙂

    • Yay!!! I’m so glad I have convinced another person to join the marathon madness. Contact the race organizers and they’ll give you a code for $15 for military families. The one I have is only good for 2011. And my blog is meant to share experience so others can learn from my mistakes. So glad you will… This is not one you want to make! 😉 xoxo

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