Giveaway Winner & Stuff I Sewed!

Drum roll please….

The winner of the Baby Stuff I Love giveaway from Amy at PorterMae Designs is—

MAGGIE JOHNS!!!Mags and I go way back… we used to go to Summer’s Best Two Weeks camp when we were kids (I L-O-V-E-D this camp… like LOVED it btw), we worked there together back in 2003 and she’s married to a very sweet man who I also got to know that summer. She’s my homegirl and I’m so happy to be able to gift these to her and her little one, Mayes. (Perhaps Baby Johns #2 can use them too?? 😉 She’s not pregnant, that I know of!)

MJ- I’ll shoot you an email to give your mailing address to Amy.

Congrats to Maggie and thanks for all who entered. Stay tuned, we’ll be doing another giveaway for all you crazy kids who live in the Northern VA, DC, MD area. It’s gonna be awesome!

Now onto my awesome sew-fest. I’m not sure what’s gotten into me, but as of today, I’ve sewn: 3 pillows (one I showed you, the other two are too boring to bother taking pictures of), 1 dog crate cover, 3 purses (I’ll show you two today, the other needs some pizazz before I feel comfortable displaying it), 2 heating pads and am “halfway” done with a skirt. Also in the works is a quilt and apron. Whew!

First, using this tutorial by Spider Woman Sews, I made a Vintage Pillowcase Grocery Tote.

She provides wonderful instructions and photos so I spared you the play by play. Felt flowers were added by me cause I thought it could stand a little dressing up. Hubs thinks I put them on all our shit and he’s probably right. Once you start making these puppies it’s hard to stop!

Next up is the cordless heating pad, rice bag or bed warmer. Using this wonderful tutorial by Fly Through Our Window, I whipped up using an old pillowcase (I’ve got more than a few of these lying around.) In fact, I was able to make two using just one pillowcase, like 10 cups of rice and a cup of lavendar.

This is one of them. Imagine the other looking just like it.

This next purse is my favorite so far. I followed this tutorial on Crafty Nest but didn’t do the pockets and made a cotton muslin insert after my husband said it looked too flimsy.

Oh yeah! Who’s gonna sell her shit on Etsy now?? Too bad I probably can’t recreate this one… maybe if I tried really hard. Okay, I’ll think about it.

So that’s all for now. I swear I’m trying really hard to finish this skirt but I’m kinda intimidated with the pattern. We’re in the middle of discussions but hopefully should come to some sort of agreement tonight. Also working on a painting for the living room and then my streak of unemployment comes to a grinding halt as I start tutoring next week.

Check back tomorrow cause I’ll be reviewing a few different brands of the delicious elixir, Kombucha tea. Damn that stuff is delicious!!!

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