The House I Love

Today is the long-awaited house tour! We moved exactly two weeks ago and the house is almost 100% completely set up. I have a few things that need to be hung (our paper lantern in the bedroom), put together (futon isn’t safely assembled yet), additional decorations (more ceiling medallions for the wall mural and completing the wood sign in the living room specifically, but I’m always hitting up thrift stores for lots of sweet vintage stuff), and few sewing projects (dining room chair cushions, chair slipcover and new tablecloth). I’m still unsure if I’ll leave the ceiling medallions in the bedroom or move them back to the living room but I love that the yellow works in either room.

First, I have some before-after projects I’ve done in the past week. As my sweet husband likes to point out, I just really like to spray paint but I also think my eye for interesting shapes is what makes my projects to fun. Not everyone can look at an ugly lamp and see what can be.

And now on to the house tour…

Here is our lovely front door and “flower” bed. I’ve since weeded the hell outta this puppy and not really sure what I’ll be doing with it. There’s definitely mulch in its future but not sure what else…

Next is our lovely foyer and you enter right into the dining/living room. We recently bought a chair that isn’t yet featured so perhaps I’ll post some updates as they happen. The chair is purple and won’t be debuting in that color while in our living space.

Half bath off the kitchen

Studio/food storage in progress

Horrible, unfocused picture of the office/guest room (too lazy to take another one… sorry)

My yummy herb ‘garden’

The Love Nest

And there you have it. Of course, I left off all the stupid pictures of hallways and staircases but hopefully you get the idea. I also didn’t take any of the backyard because it’s boring right now since winter is still here in Chicago. Once summer decides to show up, I’ll be decorating out there and will be sure to show you everything I do.

I’m also working on lots of little projects so I have mucho fun stuff to post next week. I know I’ve been a bad blogger but it’s been tough getting back into the swing of having my husband around again. Terrible affliction to have, I know. 😉 While it is wonderful, he does consume more of  my time, especially since I am now the homemaker and 100% responsible for everything. I like to make sure he’s relaxed when he comes home from work. (Picture 1950’s style- me in poofy dress and apron, handing him a drink and slippers while rubbing his shoulders and dinner cooks in the kitchen…. ahhh yes, life is grand.)

That’s our home, for most likely the next 9-12 months. Friends and family, please come visit! From what I’ve experienced so far, the city is most definitely windy, but there’s also lots of fun to be had and we’d love to have you. If you need an excuse, you can come cheer me on in one of my upcoming half-marathons: June 4th & August 14th!

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