Baby Stuff I Love and Another Giveaway!

**Disclaimer** I am not yet with child. This giveaway is simply my attempt to help promote a friend’s small business. I’ll let ya’ll know asap when a little one is on the way!

Today is our second giveaway on Together We Are Home! Last giveaway was pretty successful and one of my goals with this blog is to help promote friends who have Etsy shops or are small business owners. This giveaway is brought to you by Amy Keys Phillips, a former Zeta Tau Alpha sorority sister at Virginia Tech. She is also a Navy wife and her family is currently stationed in Newport, RI but just received relocation orders to Norfolk in July. Amy blogs at Phollowing the Phillips and sells lots of snuggly things at her Etsy shop PorterMae Designs.

I asked Amy to write a little bit about what she’s been up to since leaving Tech, how she met her husband and a little about her family.

I met my husband the summer before my 5th year at Tech. I was planning to stay an entire 5th year, but decided to just go a semester to go home and be closer to my then boyfriend. I was planning to go to grad school for agricultural marketing the following year, but the day before I had to send in my final acceptance to Texas A&M, Matt proposed, and I said yes. That really changed my whole career path. Matt graduated from the Naval Academy and in July of 2003, before we even got married, we drove cross country to Monterey, CA.

We lived there for 1 year while Matt was in grad school and we got married that year, January 2004. Monterey is a big tourist area, so the only jobs are in retail or tourism. I got a job as a manager for an upscale pet boutique in Carmel- we sold organic dog treats before organic was posh, Gucci dog carriers, Burberry dog beds, real pearl dog collars…you get the idea. Super fun job that I loved. While I worked there I started to make dog clothes for larger dogs. All the cute stuff was always for tiny dogs. We had a Rottweiler and I couldn’t ever find jackets or sweaters for him. I wanted to start a business making the dog clothes, but there wasn’t an outlet like Etsy at that time to sell that type of stuff and my idea just fizzled. We moved to San Diego, CA in July 2004 and lived there until October 2005. I got a job as an admin assist for a financial planning firm, kind of abandoned the idea of starting my own business handmaking things and enjoyed life at the beach! We moved to Charleston, SC after San Diego and lived there until May 2007. I stayed with the same company, just switched offices. While we lived in Charleston, I got my insurance and securities licenses and when we moved to Annapolis, MD in June 2007, I became a Financial Advisor. I absolutely loved this job, I really felt like I was helping people. I had my son in April 2009 and my daughter in September 2010, on my 30th birthday. I didn’t go back to work after my daughter was born because we knew we were planning to move in December 2010 to Newport, RI. I have had the ability to stay home with my kids over the last 8 months and I love it. I decided that I am not going to go back to work, at least until my kids are older. Of course, the decrease in income wasn’t fun, so I was trying to think of ways to make a little extra money.

How she got into sewing baby stuff on Etsy:

I was looking on Etsy one day – just doing some shopping for myself, it brought me back to that pet boutique in Carmel and how I always wanted to start my own business handmaking things. I always have ideas about how to change baby products to make them work better or be more beautiful, and I decided that is what I wanted to do on Etsy. With my son, I had both pretty burp clothes that never worked well, and cloth diapers that were perfect, but ugly. I saw a woman at a restaurant one day with a “modified” cloth diaper – using cotton fabric to decorate the cloth diaper to make it prettier. I asked the woman about it and she said she loved it, but they weren’t very absorbant because of the cotton fabric. So, I thought why not make something similar – but better! I use flannel fabrics that are super absorbant and ultra soft, but still so cute and pretty! I also have a line of bibs. My son was bottle fed, and he would fall asleep while drinking his bottle. I would transfer him to his crib to sleep, but taking the bib off always woke him up – either the Velcro noise or the way I had to move him to get it off, so I came up with an idea to make a bib that is super easy to take off of a sleeping baby without waking them up. I have a million more things I am planning to add when my two little cuties give me the time to get them made. I love having a job that allows me to be at home with my kids, move with my husband all over the country and world, and handmake things that help make other people’s lives better!

As Navy wives, it’s so nice to be able to have a job that follows you and one that can work while being a full-time mom is even better!

Amy is graciously giving away one set of her Pretty Burpies three-packs, a retail value of $15!

You walk around with a burp cloth on your shoulder for months, it might as well be beautiful! Pretty Burpies incorporate a mom’s favorite- cloth diapers- into a beautiful, functional and loveable must have baby accessory. Pretty Burpies are made with a tri-fold cloth diaper, and incredibly soft flannel fabric in beautiful, bright shades. They are as functional as pretty – the flannel fabric is extremely absorbent. Pretty Burpies are pre-washed to control shrinkage and to create a soft and fluffy burp cloth. Each additional washing you provide will just enhance the cloth.

Please note, I use flannel fabrics, not plain cottons. I’ve found the flannels are more absorbent than plain cottons, and babies prefer the cuddliness of flannel. This is why each washing makes it softer and fluffier. Plain cotton fabrics will not reach this desired texture.

Pretty Burpies also make great “loveys” when your baby gets older. My two year old and my 7 month old love to cuddle the soft cloth and rub the textured ribbons on the ends. They also make great “nose wipers” for squirmy toddlers – very soft for a sore nose.

I handmake Pretty Burpies with your little in mind! I want every cloth to be perfect – just how I would do it for my own babies! Each bundle contains three burp clothes. I’d love to send these as a gift for you too! Just contact me – I will wrap the package and send a note (you tell me what you’d like to write).


Giveaway nitty gritty:

Prize: One 3 pack of cloth burpies from Amy’s Etsy shop, PorterMae Designs

To Enter: Comment on this post and tell me the item you couldn’t live without for your kiddos. For those of us without kids, tell me your favorite household item you couldn’t imagine not having in your life.

BONUS ENTRY– Follow my blog via email or the RSS feed, let me know in a comment and get an additional entry (or if you already follow, just post that as a comment).

Giveaway Ends: Tuesday, May 17th at 12 midnight CT

Number of Winners: ONE*

Winner will be chosen using and announced on the blog Wednesday, May 18th.

*Everyone’s a Winner! Amy is very generously offering a 15% discount at her Etsy shop to all Together We Are Home readers. It’s the perfect gift for your friends or treat yourself and your kids. Amy’s shop features items that are good for the environment and look beautiful! Use code: TOGETHER at checkout.

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12 Responses to Baby Stuff I Love and Another Giveaway!

  1. How adorable! My sister is having her first baby! And, she’d just “go bananas” for the monkey print! 🙂

    lisagoneaussie (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I’m a subscriber 🙂

  3. Lucy says:

    I’m a Navy wife too and love these fabrics. Thanks for this giveaway. I can’t live without my Beaba Baby Cook. Didn’t think I’d need it cause I have a food processor but it was a gift and turns out I use it all the time!

  4. Lucy says:

    Just followed your blog.

  5. Annemarie says:

    I love my baby-wearing slings and could not live without them. Most of them are Moby but some were handmade from friends.

  6. Nicole says:

    I am expecting my first baby, and love those froggies!!! 🙂 I dont have a favorite item just yet, but Im sure once my little one comes, I will have a few! I just love reading your blogs!

  7. Kendra says:

    OK, I guess I will try my luck again!

    So the one household item I could not live without would have to be my electolux vacuum cleaner! With the two ever shedding dogs, it’s an absolute MUST!

    here goes nothing…

  8. Jess Voigt says:

    Ok so now that Paul and I have finally had the “talk” we are going to start trying!!!! 🙂 our kiddos will be Navy brats! So these burpies could come in handy soon… However, until I have a child, the household item I could never live without is my slowcooker!!!! I’m sure I will feel even more strongly about this post baby… You can make anything and even my husband can cook something and it tastes good!!!

  9. Lori says:

    This stuff is SO cute!!! I’m pregnant with our first so I don’t have any favorite stuff yet but if I win these, they’ll probably be it! I really love the bananas!

  10. Lori says:

    I subscribed to your RSS feed. 🙂

  11. Maggie Johns says:

    I subscribed to your RSS feed! Really enjoying your blog Missy. It’s seriously hard to remember “baby” stuff that I couldn’t live without now that I have a toddler. I mean really, I’d say diapers – and therefore baby powder and butt paste:)

  12. Sandy says:

    Favorite thing for baby is a food grinder. I never wanted to buy Gerbers or whatever. The one I used is no longer available,,closest is this one Kidalog Baby Food Mill Grinder. love the idea of a burper bib…my daughter will love it when she has kids.

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