Dustin’ Off That Sewin’ Machine

Today I am getting back into the Stuff I Love series and sharing with you my love for my ancient Sears Kenmore sewing machine I got at the Goodwill Outlet for 50 cents.

In Nashville, they have this amazing store that is basically junk’s last stop before being sent to the dump or overseas or somewhere. (Find one near you!) The coolest part is you buy the stuff by weight, or if it’s really heavy, they’ll usually just say it’s between $1-5. I got loads of awesome stuff here last summer. This sewing machine was probably the best. Mostly I’ve only sewn curtains and today I made a pillowcase for our couch pillow. I guess I’m really good at sewing straight lines. Actually I’m not even good at that, but I think I’m getting better.

Instead of just doing a regular pillow and insert I decided to do more of a sham and leave a large edge. I like the fabric and wanted to shake things up… wild and crazy, I tell ya. It’s hard to see in this photo cause I’m lazy and took it with my iPhone but the bed-sized pillow is snugly fit inside the case with a 3″ hem around the entire thing.

Close-up of the fabric. I used the extra to make a crate cover for Charlie. He seems to like it better when we keep it covered, I think he feels more protected. We’ve been using an old yellow sheet for about a year so this quite an upgrade.  I hope he doesn’t pee on it.

Ok that’s all the steam I have left in me today. I was a busy girl getting the office unpacked and set up, filing claims for our stuff that’s missing or was damaged in the move, hanging curtains and every last picture in the house. If tomorrow is sunny, it just might be time to take pictures! I know ya’ll are waiting with baited breath. 😉

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