Move Nonsense & Shenanigans

Our move could’ve gone better. It also could’ve gone worse so I guess it all evened out in the end. Many of you heard about my drama with Jeffrey’s eye less than an hour before we were supposed to hit the road. As I mentioned before, Jeffrey & Charlie were at the dog sitter’s all day and when he got home, I noticed him favoring his left eye. Momma’s worst fear was recognized when I grabbed the flashlight and numbing drops and took a closer look. Sure enough, he not only had a little hole but also a long scratch on the surface of his eyeball. I made a quick call to Banfield Clinic at Petsmart and they promised to fit us in if we could get there before 6:15. It was 4:30 at the time. I could not hurry the movers along fast enough. Unfortunately, there was inventory to complete still and a few other things I needed to pick up around the house. We ended up leaving around 6pm with the car packed beyond capacity, forms signed, and our stuff on another truck on the road to Great Lakes.

We sat in the waiting room for about 45 minutes while the boys annoyed the crap out of me. Being stuck in a small room with no entertainment and two dogs is sure to drive you certifiably insane. I’m lucky we all got out of there alive. While we were waiting, I called Jeffrey’s eye doctor and got an appointment for the next morning as well as a treatment plan using all the meds we had on hand… we have an entire dog pharmacy on hand here, people. Once the vet saw us and confirmed my diagnosis, she sent us home with some pain meds and special drops that use Jeffrey’s own blood cells in a dropper and delivers healing strength right to the source. (By the way- a week later, he’s doing SO much better. He bounces back very fast.)

Back to trying to move… so it was about 8pm before we actually got out of Petsmart. I sat in the parking lot, contemplating what we should actually do. Should we leave and skip the eye appointment? Would Jeffrey be okay with just the meds I had already? Am I okay to drive 3 hours to Louisville? On top of that, tornadoes and thunderstorms had been plaguing Nashville all day and the sky was super dark and scary on the way to the clinic. I decided to postpone the trip partially because of the storms but mostly because I wanted to make sure Jeffrey had a specialist verify our previous diagnosis.

I drove across the street to grab some ice because my gigantic cooler housing all my food needed to remain cold or the entire endeavor would’ve been pointless. I also realized the boys needed to eat had no ability to separate them. They have major food aggression towards each other and fight unless we keep them apart. I ended up feeding Jeffrey in the car while Charlie ate next to the car in the dark gas station parking lot. It was cold, wet and depressing. And I was starving. Only option around was Sonic… it was on. Stopped for a chicken sandwich and onion rings. Ate half on my way to the hotel, checked in, carried some stuff inside, left the dogs while I went to grab something else and came back to Charlie licking the carpet. Annnnnnd my chicken sandwich was gone. So pissed. Still starving. Half empty bottle of gin gets a few swigs. Feel a little better. Grab a Chobani from the cooler and feel much better. Go to sleep, get up at 7am and take the dogs out, go back to sleep, wake up at 9:30am, check out and get to the doctor’s appointment. I was smart enough to find a hotel .3 miles away from the office so I could sleep in as late as possible. Side note: La Quinta hotels are fantastic! Military discounts, no pet fee, cheap rates, free make-your-own waffle breakfast, clean rooms and free wifi! What more can you ask for??

Once we finish at the eye doctor, I decided I needed to stop for some last minute kombucha tea. I swung over to East Nasty and the Green Wagon where they carry my favorite tea in the universe, Booch. I piked up a gallon of the Peach flavor and a few bottles to keep me hydrated on the road. Stopped for some more ice and to fill up the gas tank. While I was filling the cooler, Charlie learned a new trick where he basically would Army-crawl over all the stuff in the truck to get to where I was in the back. I guess I was distracted because I set my wallet down on the bumper and never picked it up again. I drove away. I went about 4 blocks and was about to enter the highway when I decided I didn’t want to be wearing jeans for 8 hours so I pulled into a neighborhood to change. Got out, walked around the car to grab my stuff and there on the bumper was my wallet. Woah. That would’ve been REALLY BAD if I’d lost that. Like… cancel my trip kind of bad. Crisis avoided.

I changed into my clothes and was all settled into go when Charlie (again) decided to jump over the stuff and back down and somehow managed to spill kombucha tea all over my lap and in between my legs onto the seat. Awesome! Just got into my comfy clothes and now those as well as my seat are soaking wet and will now smell of tea. Good thing I had spray on hand (one of the things they wouldn’t pack) and cleaned up the seat, laid down some towels and finally got on the road about 12 noon.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful. I had stuffed the car so much that the windows were holding most of my items in and Charlie’s favorite thing to do while riding in the car is to roll down the windows and stick his head out, (No joke) so that part was challenging to keep him from doing that for 8 hours. Drank copious amounts of tea, fell in love with Starbucks cake pops,

listened to Howard Stern for half the way and then stopped at Cracker Barrel for a good ole’ book on tape. For those of you not in the know… you can rent a book on CD at the Country Store for $3.45 a week! You basically pay the full price for the CD’s and then get the difference back when you return them. Cracker Barrels are everywhere and I used to do this all the time while driving home from Virginia Tech. I cannot recommend this practice enough!

We arrived at Great Lakes around 8pm. After convincing the gate guards to let me by, I met up with Ryan at his ship, got the house keys and headed to our new abode. I then proceeded to unpack the entire car with the dogs in tow. Seriously. I had one on each arm and carried in every last item from the truck. I guess it was adrenaline, or I’m just really OCD but I have this thing about unpacking whenever I’m in a new place. Whether it’s a hotel or a tent or a new house, I just have to unpack and make it feel more personal. Ask my brother, I’ve been doing it since I was like 8.

So I guess that’s about it. That brings us up to speed. The movers arrived early Saturday and today I got rid of the last boxes. Office still needs to be organized and pictures need to be hung but everything else is looking good! On Monday I got a part-time job tutoring at Huntington a few miles away. This summer, my days will be spent tutoring, working in the community garden, and training, of course. First half marathon is only a month away!

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