My Farewell to Nashville

Today I officially completed #11 on my “31” list. (Truth be told, I’ve been running on one of the Greenway trails for a few months now, but when I created the list, I envisioned walking on a downtown Greenway since it’s more unique to our city and not just another paved hiking trail through some woods.)

I took the boys on a short walk across Nashville’s Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge. It’s not the greatest view in the world, but it’s a wonderful vantage point of the city’s skyline. Then again, the skyline ain’t much to write home about so take that for what it’s worth.

The Greenway system is actually a pretty cool concept and one that Nashville will be working on for awhile. From the government website: “Greenways are linear parks and trails which connect neighborhoods to schools, shopping areas, downtown, offices, recreation areas, open spaces and other points of activity. Often located along natural landscape features like streams, rivers and ridges, or along built features, such as railroad corridors and scenic highways, greenways provide valuable greenspace for conservation, recreation and alternative transportation. Greenways provide all citizens with barrier-free access to natural resources and recreational opportunities.”

The vision of the city is to tie the entire city together with the Greenways- “…connect(ing) people to parks, to downtown, to schools and other areas of activity, to waterways, hillsides and the animals and plants that live there, and to each other. A city where natural areas, recreational opportunities, and non-motorized transportation are within easy reach of all of us.”

How cool is that?? One of the many reasons this city officially tops my Stuff I Love list because I L-O-V-E Nashville. It’s hard to put into words why I love this city so much because it’s certainly not because of all the friends we’ve made… Most of our time here has been spent exploring the city and appreciating all it has to offer on our own but to be honest, that was the point of us moving here. We wanted a chance to be us. To live as a married couple without all the preconceived notions of who we were when we were kids and how we were before we got married. We needed to get away from our families (sorry guys, it’s true) and be on our own. And it worked! We grew closer this year than ever and I thank Nashville for helping us along.

We’ve been here for exactly one year and at first I hated it because of the sweltering hot weather and our shitty landlord, but once we got those things settled, Ryan & I really took to Nashville. I love the small town feel of it while at the same time, we have things a normal city does: a football team, hockey team, two decent colleges within 30 minutes of each other, active downtown scene and a large agriculture industry that I’ve been lucky to be a part of. It’s gonna suck finding another small grocer who carries my local flavor of kombucha, weight-it-yourself liquid soap and the dog’s high quality kibble but if anyone’s good at sniffing out the local spots, I’m your girl!

Wednesday is officially our last day here and I have to say, we’re both pretty sad to be leaving. We’re gonna miss you, Nashville but I have a feeling you haven’t seen the last of us!

The Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge

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2 Responses to My Farewell to Nashville

  1. The Don says:

    Your Mom and I could have said it better. Creating separation from Fairfax and family is a good thing. It is important for you and Ryan to become who you guys choose to be free from unnecessary concern about or felt pressure of family nearby. I can’t wait for when Mom and I can begin to visit our children and their families without our own employment restrictions.

    Looking forward to being with you in Amherst. Hope to see Ryan soon – Thanksgiving?

    • Not sure about holiday plans at this point. Definitely Christmas but if we’re still in Chicago, probably not. You’re also welcome to come visit us… I know we’re not as close as the other kids but we still like to have family come to us instead of the other way around all the time! The door is always open and we have a guest bedroom waiting for you guys! 🙂

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