Vol.25 Giveaway Winner! (& There’s No Place Like Home)

Congratulations to…


Winner of the Vol.25Together We Are Home” Giveaway! She said: “My favorite place to call home would have to be an unofficial home of mine, Charleston. I loved when I would go visit your brother and we’d be out and I could say “let’s go home” without even a blink he knew where I meant. That city is filled with some of my best memories to date.”Even though there are 68 listed comments, I commented twice and someone accidentally entered three times (the max was 2).

Congratulations Kendra!!!

For all of you wondering what MY favorite place to call home is… I honestly couldn’t pick one. I have so many precious memories from every single home that has held my stuff.

N. Highland in Arlington (1980-1994): where myself and all my siblings were born, best memories of my brother Joshua & I playing house under the porch, “driving” the Volvo, making snow angels, sliding down the stairs in our snow pants, throwing him out the backporch window to scare the triplets, saying goodbye to my first Gandalf and Strider.

Prince William in Fairfax (1994-2007): where I spent my teenage years, many memories of Christmases, Thanksgivings, birthdays, O’Donoghue visits, boyfriends, friendships, parties, trampoline and playing in the creek. Moved back in with my parents numerous times in between colleges and jobs. Good thing they had such a big house!

Roanoke St. Apartment in Blacksburg (1998): my first “home” away from home with Lauren and her sister Justine, parties, freedom, no curfew, smoking cigarettes inside (Gross), living off Perogies, rice & teryaki sauce, and working at Pizza Hut (true story)

West Ambler Johnson in Blacksburg (1999): didn’t really stay here much, I usually bunked up with my then boyfriend Kevin in his all male dorm. Lucky for us he didn’t have a roommate his entire Freshman year!

College Park apartments (2000): first time living with strangers, rushed my sorority and stayed here for my first summer… summer in Blacksburg is something every college student should get to experience.

ZTA House (2001-2002): My absolute favorite place to live while at Tech. I roomed with Erica and across the hall was my little sister Jaclyn. She used to wake me up with Stevie Wonder, ABC, and any other throwback songs she could find. My pledge mom, Jo lived upstairs and roomed with my big sister Jessica. During that year Jo became my closest friend and for many years after. I sure do miss her…

Some of my favorite times were getting ready for a fraternity social, smoking cigarettes and talking, pre-gaming in our rooms, and when Jessica would stay overnight at her boyfriend (now husband) Dave’s house I would fall asleep in her bed, watching movies with Jo.

College Park (again) (2002-2003): lived here with Jaclyn & Connelly for my last semester at Tech. I didn’t really stay here much cause I was dating Tim and we got a puppy so I stayed at his crib in downtown Blacksburg. The girls & I did have good times pilfering our OX neighbor’s fraternity stuff though. 😉

Orchard Street (2005-2007): lived here with between 4-5 other people (including Ryan who was not my boyfriend at the time). Made lots of new friends here, threw crazy parties and began my exciting dating relationship with Ryan. Moved in and out of here a few times as Ryan & I figured out what the hell we were doing but eventually we both moved out and in TOGETHER.

Loft in Dunn Loring (2007): We subleased a room from this dude in Dunn Loring during our wedding planning months, while we figured out where we wanted to live after we got married. It was a crazy situation and ended up only working for like a month because you had to have a pass to park your car anywhere near the building (he only had one) as well as a key to get IN the building (he only had one) and a door key (we had a few of those). Needless to say, we moved out as quickly as possible.

Gateway Dr in Leesburg (2008-2009): Great memories in this tiny apartment… our first together as husband & wife. ❤ I worked around the corner and was able to come home for lunch so we got Jeffrey soon after moving in. We had fires in the fire place, sat on our huge balcony and lived in 800 square feet of space for 12 months. That first year of marriage was challenging already but with so little space? Whew, I’m glad we moved!

Sunset View in Leesburg (2009-2010): NEVER again will I live on the 4th floor of a NO ELEVATOR building. What the hell were we thinking?! Poor Jeffrey, having to schlep up and down those stairs 4 times a day… Poor us! The apartment was fantastic- huge bathroom, gas stove, office loft, magnificent windows, wonderful sunny balcony, brand new construction… but it was haunted.

Ryan played a lot this year with Road Soda and was often gone, leaving Jeffrey and I alone from at 6pm til 3-4am. While I would be working up in loft, I’d hear noises in the bathroom and kitchen and Jeffrey would always stare into the dark bedroom and just bark. (He hasn’t done it since.) One night Ryan was coming into the room late at night and the door was closed and locked (I NEVER kept it closed because I wanted to hear when he got home) and he tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. After trying a few more times, it finally opened suddenly. I also used to see things in the bedroom at night, shapes, movement, etc. even when Ryan was there so I know I wasn’t being paranoid. Anyway, thankfully the creepy feelings would come and go so it wasn’t a constant haunting. Our friend Dan confirmed he thought the land had some “history” which explained why we weren’t experiencing stuff all the time. I know there were lots of battles fought in Leesburg back in the day so who knows? Maybe some old soldiers are still hanging around…

White Ave in Nashville (May 2010-August 2010): Okay, I’m supposed to say nice things, right? 😉 I had my first REAL garden here, even though I had to rip it up when we moved out after 3 months. We had a great yard that was infested with mosquitoes. We had lovely neighbors who smashed our security light and on the other side- drug dealers and an abandoned house. The house was slanted at a very noticeable angle and the kitchen was as big as our half bath in our current home. I did love the location and miss being in downtown Nashville. Our CSA pick up was right down the street and everything was convenient. Too bad it was so damn hot this summer we couldn’t enjoy any of the city!

La  Vergne, TN (August 2010 – April 2011): Our current abode for the next 7 days. OH MY GOD I’M MOVING IN 7 DAYS!!!!! This house has probably been my favorite in terms of the structure. It has everything we want: humongous fenced-in back yard, 3 big bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms (1 master bath which I have grown to adore), wonderful kitchen with a ton of counter space, 1 car garage, laundry room with full-sized W/D and a nice sized living area. I don’t love the fact that our yard has very little actual grass and it’s mostly all weeds but I’m not starting a garden here so I guess that’s not a big deal. Our property was so big we were able to park Scarlet, our trailer, on the side of the house for 3 months with absolutely no issue. We haven’t made a whole lot of memories in this house since we were only here together for 5 months. I also just realized that for the first time in my life, I’m living “on my own”. I’ll forever remember Tonya Dr as the place I spent my first few lonely months as a new Navy wife.

And there you have it all the places I have called Home. As you can see, I am well equipped for this nomadic lifestyle the Navy will be providing. For those counting, I have moved a total of 15 times and that doesn’t even include the times I moved home in between semesters or apartments. Then it would be closer to 20. That’s a lot of movin’ & shakin’ for a 31 year old girl!

Catching our reflection in “The Bean” downtown Chicago

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3 Responses to Vol.25 Giveaway Winner! (& There’s No Place Like Home)

  1. Kendra says:


  2. Jess Voigt says:

    Wow girl!!! You are SO ready for this lifestyle! 🙂 I love your stories!!! What do you know about your new place? Is it comparable to the size you are in now? Oh my goodness only 7 days!!!! I’m thrilled for you! 🙂 I got what felt like good news today… Paul is expected to graduate on May 24th then we move!!!!!!! 🙂 can’t wait to figure out what the mystery location is… We are praying for Whidbey Island! Good luck with everything!

    • Ryan says it’s not as nice as our current house but it IS base housing after all. We were only supposed to get a 2 bedroom apartment because of our family size but he convinced them to give us a townhouse because I work from home and we have two dogs and want to start a family. It worked! We got a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath with a garage but no fenced yard. 😦 😦 😦 We’ll have to fence it in ourselves or figure something else out.

      Great news about Paul!! I’ll text you tomorrow. 🙂

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