Long Live the Hair Bands

Disclaimer–> This post is most likely geared towards my female readership. Not that boys don’t have luxuriously long locks but certainly none of the men in my family do (any more). Though, at one point, with the exception of Caleb (and Quang?), they all did.

This is also not going to be the most exciting post I’ve ever written but I will make damn sure it’s informative.

Let’s get started!

Raise your hand if you lose your hair ties on the regular.

ME! This girl! Right here, baby.

Well. Let me be the first to tell you that your prayers have been answered. I have located the single most amazing hairband ever created. And now I will impart of you this pearl of wisdom.

This hairband here:has not left my wrist since the day I bought it… January 29, 2011. I realize that is not a very long time in a human life span, but in the life of a hairband, it is AN ETERNITY!!! How many hairbands have YOU lost during that time frame? What about your daughters? Now you’re paying attention…

Not only does this thing not go anywhere when it’s in my hair, but it also doesn’t cut off my circulation or slip off while on my wrist- three very important and related hairband issues. I also like the fact it’s grippy but doesn’t pull on my hair because who likes to have their hair pulled? Last thing I love is this particular one is clear soft rubber and I don’t notice it when it’s on my wrist. I’m all for the black hairbands and have rocked one for the better part of my life, but it’s also nice to wear one that’s not conspicuous.

Here’s what you’re looking for when you go into Target or Wal-Mart or Walgreens or wherever. Better yet! Click on the picture to purchase through my Amazon Affiliate link for $4.50 (eligible for FREE shipping!).

Please disregard my obviously neglected nail polish. I’m lazy.

So there you have it… day 6 of “Stuff I Love” series. Thanks for coming by.

Scunci No-slip Grip Evolution Jelly Ponytailers, 14-Count, Colors may vary

Other than my shameless plug for Amazon affiliate links, I was not paid or compensated in any way for my reviews or extremely positive opinions in this post. I just love to share my love for really great stuff with the people in my life. There’s so much crap out there (most of it being shit, poor quality, overpriced, etc) so when I come across something I feel is worth my hard-earned money, I want to pass it along to as many people as I can. Feel the love, my friends.

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