Thankful- Day 24

Woah I just realized I’m almost done with my month of thankful! I think next I’ll do things I love and share with y’all things I use often and can’t live without. Anyone who knows me, knows I live for giving others advice!!

But today, I am focusing on my thankfulness. And I am very grateful for the amazing family that found me via Craigslist and tomorrow afternoon, will not only be buying our trailer, but also our car!!! It was such a random series of events, it could only have been orchestrated by Someone other than myself, but we are so happy that tomorrow we’ll be less a trailer in need of repairs and a car that has monthly payment. 😀

It was a tough decision to sell Scarlett, but we bought it at a very different stage in our lives- crazy that was only 5 months ago! With the frequent moves we’re likely going to be doing (3 in the first year alone) we felt it would be more of a hassle than a joy owning her. The family who is buying her has two teenage girls who love the cuteness Scarlett exudes and they’re taking her to Bonnaroo this year! I know they’ll love her and enjoy her more than we can right now.

One of the girls is turning 16 in a few weeks and is apparently in need of some wheels. I’ve been wanting to get rid of the Hyundai because I hate having two car payments and they agreed to a very fair price, one that would allow us to to get rid of the car and pay off the balance of the loan. My family has an odd history of having a lot of cars on hand and gifting them to one another, so we’ll be taking part in that once again and accepting a free car! More than likely my little sister’s cast off, but I am not above family handouts. Yay for my parents! They were green before it was cool to be green. 😉

So there’s my long-winded thankful for today… I think it’s a damn good one.

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One Response to Thankful- Day 24

  1. Jane Eboch says:

    WOW! That is wonderful. You certainly have a great record of buying and selling… following on your Grandma Eboch’s frugality and coupon clipping. That’s a cute picture of Scarlett.

    P.S. That “Someone” is named God!

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