Thankful- Day 23

I am thankful for United States Postal Service today! Can you even imagine?? Being THANKFUL for the postal service?! Not only did they deliver love letters back and forth from Nashville to Great Lakes, keeping Ryan & I in communication during those two lonely, quiet months, but they also delivered our letters quickly. And not one was torn or messed up! They’re also giving away free Priority Mail flat rate boxes for anyone interested, here’s the link:

Anyone know if the mail carriers will continue to get paid if the government is shut down? Because apparently the military will not. They’ll be earning money, but won’t have the luxury of actually receiving a paycheck. Here’s to hoping our creditors understand when we can’t make the monthly payments. I’ll just tell them to get it from the federal government.

**Update: they WILL continue to get paid and our bills will arrive on time. Apparently they are paid from differently appropriated funds. Go Postal!

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