PIR Weekend

Ryan’s PIR, which stands for Pass In Review, was last Friday, March 25th. The entire weekend was wonderful. We got to spend time with the many friends and family who made the trip to Great Lakes to see him graduate. The ceremony itself was a little boring but Ryan was standing on the outer edge of his group and I could see him the whole time! Apparently he was watching me too, which makes me laugh now cause I was waving at him and doing stupid things to get his attention, not knowing the whole time he was staring at me, unable to move or smile!

Here is us seeing one another for the first time in 9 weeks:

Jessica & I at our DH’s graduation!

We also got to walk around downtown Chicago for the afternoon. It was VERY chilly! I’m not looking forward to living there in the winter months.

So that’s it. That was our weekend for the most part. We hung out in our hotel room, visited with friends and family and played with the dogs. It was very hard saying good-bye again Sunday night, especially because we don’t know when I’ll be approved to move but we can at least talk on the phone now. Much better than boot camp!

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One Response to PIR Weekend

  1. I can definitely relate to trying to get their attention during the graduation ceremony, having several military members in the family. Hope you find some great things to love about Chicago. It can be cold in the winter for sure, but there are a lot of great things waiting for you too. Good luck on your new life!

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