Thankful- Day 16

This is much harder than I initially anticipated! It’s kind of difficult to think of things to be thankful for EVERY day! Especially since I’ve been sick, missing my husband, and missing running like crazy, I haven’t felt very grateful but I know I am still very blessed.

Today I am thankful for our home. I love the size of it, the fact we have three bedrooms and have room for all our stuff. We can house visitors (our second overnight guest will be arriving on Friday!) as well as have our own Master bedroom and a separate office. I love the  fenced backyard with a 7 foot tall privacy fence and our garage, washer/dryer, kitchen counter space, half bath downstairs, unbelievable closet space.. I could go on forever.

I am quite sad to have to leave Tonya Dr. behind when we move to Great Lakes in a few weeks. But I know it’s just a house. Our home is wherever we are together. Hmmm… sound familiar?? 😉

Sorry I’ve been slacking like crazy on the pictures lately. I know people only like blogs with pictures (myself included) so I’ll get right on that.

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