Thankful – Day 6

I am thankful for the amazingly gorgeous weather we’ve been given this weekend! The boys and I are here at the Fall Creek Falls State Park and are staying in a lovely room at their inn and conference center that overlooks a lake. It’s so relaxing and wonderful, I only wish Ryan could be here with us.

Last night while lying in bed, I decided to extend my trip 1) because I figured I’d be SUPER sore from my half marathon in the morning; 2) the weather here is just too wonderful to not take advantage of and 3) there’s not a whole lot waiting for us at home!

I ran my trail race this morning with no issues. I’ll comment more on that tomorrow when I can post pictures. Right now I’m relaxing in the room and as soon as I get showered, we’re headed to check out the huge waterfall and into town to get me some grub.

Since I don’t have my camera cable, I can only post my iPhone pictures so here are a few from our walk yesterday around the lake. The boys wanted to swim so I let them go in for a little while. We are on “vacation” after all!

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