Thankful – Day 3

I am thankful for technology. (Yes, I love technology. Not as much as you, you see.) –> Guess that movie??

So, anyway… I heart computers and the interweb. I know this is sort of similar to yesterday’s thankfulness but yesterday I loved the Apple store and today I am thankful for computers and social media.

1. Computers allow me to type letters to Ryan packed full of pointless information to keep him entertained and feeling closer to home. If I had to write them by hand, he’d probably get one a week and it would be about 2 pages long. Hello carpal tunnel!

2. Social media keeps me in touch with human beings despite the fact I’m alone 24 hours a day. Yay for virtual friends! 🙂

See all my fun Twitter action over there? ———————————————>

3. Navy networks have put me in touch with my new friend Jessica who is awesome and amazing and going through all the same crap I am. Our husbands are in the Division 110 together at basic training and we’ve formed a bond over our love for running, laughter, Navy life and wine! She’s an amazing hair dresser and has agreed to cut my hair next weekend for the Big Day. What a great friend!


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One Response to Thankful – Day 3

  1. Jess says:

    Love you! I love technology too… Can you imagine going thru this years ago? We never would have met!!! Oh I should have typed my letters!!! I do hand write every day and I have a sore wrist! 😦 you are so smart!!!

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