Thankful – Day 2

Today I am thankful for Apple… as in computers. I am more specifically thankful for the Apple Store in Green Hills Mall in Nashville, TN. Hubby bought a MacBook a few years back on eBay. It was in great condition except for a little wear and tear on the edges of the keyboard and top of the screen. Apparently this defect is covered by Mac as it is a known issue with this MacBook series. Enter Genius Bar at Apple Green Hills.

1. I made an appointment on their easy to use scheduling system.

2. Unbeknownst to me, this appointment was made on the iPad 2 launch date. Shows you how much I pay attention to shit. The appointment was still on time with no delay.

3. Very helpful, very knowledgeable staff assisted me immediately. They are all wearing bright blue to help distinguish them from customers which is unbelievably effective. The color itself really stands out and there must have been lots of smart people behind that decision.


4. Dude at the “bar” diagnosed the issue and took my computer from me (gasp!), promising it would be completed over the weekend.

5. I got a call the next day saying it was done. Picked it up a few hours later. They had replaced the entire interior piece around the screen and keyboard as well as the keyboard itself. Grand total was $141.65- cost to me $0.

Thank you for being so prompt and efficient, Apple! My husband will be very pleased when he gets his computer back all spiffy and new (if he can pry it out of my deadly grip).

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