With Every Beat of My Heart…

Here’s my new fun accessory for the next 24 (well, now 17) hours…

Mr. Holter is back again to keep me company and track my heartbeat rhythm. I have these heart contractions called PVC’s (premature ventricular contractions) that are really really annoying and happen all day, every day.

This is my 3rd holter monitor. The last few times I wore one they counted my PVC’s. I totaled ~26,000. The average heart beats 100,000 times per day so basically, every 4th beat my heart skips or hiccups or pounds or however you want to describe it. 26,000 is a lot of PVC’s, way more than normal. The fact that I can feel them and they disrupt my day to day life is bothersome. The fact that it is now affecting my running is worrisome.

So… here I am again, documenting my heart beats for 24 hours, hoping that it does skip and act funny but at the same time, wishing it wouldn’t. I am opposed to using medication for this particular problem because I have low blood pressure and anything used to treat this would be beta blockers which lower blood pressure, something I obviously don’t need. I’ve tried some in the past and ended up feeling like doo-doo. No more pills!

The next step would be an ablation where the surgeon goes in through my thigh with a catheter and finds the part of  my heart that is mis-firing and burn it. Sounds scary but if you lived with what I do, you might consider taking drastic measures too.

Think about how you feel when your heart beats really hard when you’re nervous or just got done running up the stairs. Got it? Ok, that’s how I feel ALL THE TIME. 24-7-365.

That, my friends, is just no way to live.

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3 Responses to With Every Beat of My Heart…

  1. Joni says:

    This sounds like no fun at all. I hope they get some resolve for you. Problem with your Purkinje’s (I’m a hospice RN for heavens sake I can’t remember everything from the cardiac semester)? You don’t happen to take birth control do you? I realize that is an unnecessarily personal question I only ask because my sister is a runner too (and I know you, ahem, use to be) and she had this issue. I suspected something with her Potassium and sure enough. The pill. She went off and viola no more PVC’s.

    In any case. I hope they get this worked out quickly. No fun at all.

    • Nope, no birth control pills but maybe my potassium is low. I also have hypo-thyroidism and they connected the two but even when thyroid levels are ok, I still have them. One of my friends mentioned bananas helps her (post ablation she’s still not totally PVC free). Upping my banana intake this week. What if it were that simple?!? That would rock. Hard.

  2. Do you mind contacting me regarding your PVCs? I was training for my 5th half marathon when I noticed my PVCs (27,000 in 24 hours) and… long story short…had an ablation. I have only ran 1 mile at a time and miss running. I have not been in contact with anyone in a similar situation and would love to hear “the rest of your story”! Carbenia@sssnet.com

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