Bedroom Action

Well, with Ryan gone, there’s definitely not a whole lot of “action” goin’ on… but I am taking the time to re-do our bedroom look while he’s away (and can’t give me any input!). Nothing big, just the linens for now. We’ve been going with a red/black/teal theme in the bedroom for awhile, with no real reason except that I got some cheap linens when I worked at Pottery Barn Outlet for a hot second. However, Jeffrey and Charlie have managed to eat holes in the red comforter and it’s really just going from bad to worse. There are pieces of filling sticking out and they seem to gravitate towards chewing them whenever we’re lying in bed.

I’ve been craving this particular print, Woody (Woodland) from Pottery Barn but was waiting until it went on sale. It’s so bright and lovely, I think it will look great in our room! Plus the print is busy enough, I’m hoping it will hide the boy’s black fur. Fingers crossed Ryan doesn’t think it’s too “girly”.

I ordered a King sized, even though we have a Queen bed on the advice of Young House Love. We have a problem with sharing the covers as well (ok, maybe it’s ME that has the problem!) so this is the perfect solution to having enough for everyone. We’re also planning on upgrading to a King sized mattress in the next year so this way I don’t have to buy a new comforter all over again.

The cost for the King Duvet on is $99 plus Shipping ($17) and Tax ($11) the total came to $127 and that was without the duvet insert! I sleuthed (spell check doesn’t seem to think this is a word) on the wonder that is eBay and found the same duvet available for $89.99 plus $12 shipping. Not the greatest deal, but it would save me close to $30. I ended up contacting the seller and got it for $75 plus $12.99 shipping. A solid $40 cheaper than the clearance PB price! Score!!

Now came the task of finding an insert for this amazing duvet cover. Hubby gets hot when we sleep, and I’m always cold… go figure. The day Ryan left for boot camp, I bought an electric blanket and let me tell you, this thing has saved my sleep. It’s amazingly comforting to climb into an already warmed-up bed. Anyway…. down comforter search. I started my duvet cover search on because of their Free Shipping promotion but couldn’t find anything I loved even half as much as Woody. (Get it, bedroom action? Woody? Anyone??) Ok, clearly I need some adult interaction.

I ended up landing on this guy, All Seasons Supreme Down Alternative Comforter (ASSDAC cause we’re in the Navy now so everything is in acronyms). I liked the fact he’d scored 4.5 out of 5 stars and was not real down since I’m allergic to that. Plus the box stitching is a plus cause you know you hate it when your down comforter gets all bunchy at the bottom with filling. As it turns out, the total ended up being $40- the exact amount I saved on Woody! Would ya look at that?

All should arrive in the next few days and once I get it put together, I’ll post my own photo, though it will be severely lacking in comparison to the PB stock photos. My camera sucks more and more every day.

I’m also planning on sewing some pillows because the Woody on Woody look was just overkill for me. I like the idea of pillow shams, but in a different pattern or color than the duvet. Stay tuned….

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